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Voice Actor for E-learning Projects, Product and Explainer Videos, Phone Greetings and Radio & TV Ads ,Game character!
Tapestry, Inc. / NetEase Games / Sophia University / LPGA / SKⅡ / Siemens / Alcon / Bending Spoons / BiBi Pet / MITSUI & CO., LTD./ Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. / TAISEI CORPORATION / TOKUBAI / JIITAK / Fujitsu and more!

I love the job of voice-over so much! And I also respect voice-over job. I will do my work with maximum effort.

Need a voiceover audition today?
Email me at kei_s_voice-info@yahoo.co.jp and I'll get back to you asap.

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Hi,thank you for checking out my web page!

I'm a professionally trained,voice-over artist born and raised in Japan with over 8 years of experience.

Japanese native, beautiful Tokyo standard accent.

My voiceis providing voiceovers for web commercials, corporate messaging, e-learning, apps, on hold messages and more.

My natural voice is versatile, warm yet approachable, suitable for commercials and corporate videos.
I can add energy and a sense of youthfulness if the script calls for it, too!
Adds grace to the video with a soft, warm Japanese voice-over.

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Please contact me immediately as soon as you want a real Japanese sound. I will contribute to you ;-)
Let's work together to make our clients happy♪
Contact me here.
I am looking forward to working with you!


  • Demos

The Very Best Japanese Female Voice

●Notable Voice Type
・ Warm
・ Friendly
・ Conversational
・ Sweet
・ Sassy
・ Age range 6-35

New demo

Promote - spot CM --booming,excitable,motivational,conversational

Commercial --Friendly,Bright

Acting as a Child Girl to grandmothers (6type) --
Game and Animation

Acting as a Child Boys to early teenage boy (4type) --
Game and Animation

Telephone --approachable,caring

E-learning --attentive,persuasive

Corporate video --Serious,sincere,attentive

Voice Assistant --Helpful,Caring

Movie Trailer --Charming, youthful

Storyteller --Sweet, Teaser

Documentaries (tour) --Educational,Narrator

TV --inquisitive,excitable

TV Game add(boy's voice) --brave,excitable

TV(Educational) --intellectual,boy

Radio CM --playful,kid

Meditation and Mindfulness --Healing,relaxed,classy

Web commercials --approachable,conversational

Web commercials --emotional,lyrical

Custom samples are available upon request. Please feel free to contact me for more information :)


  • Details

KEI:Japanese Female Special Voice
   (I have my own studio.)
What sets me apart from "other Japanese voice over talent" is the fact that I'm working on voice over jobs with domestic Japan production companies. (It's not just an atmospheric voice. It's a voice that has been properly trained in the basics of vocal phonetic expression, which is conveyed to the Japanese.)
I currently reside in Chiba, Japan where I work from my own studio.
When I'm not in the booth, I enjoy spending time with Adobe product where I get so much inspiration from creating illustrations. I draw illustrations. Likewise, I love skiing and tennis.
Expression of voice and expression of illustration are very fun! ;)


Tapestry, Inc.:Campaign IVR(COACH)
LVMH:Podcast voiceover(Louis Vuitton)
Brunello Cucinelli:Training video
DHL:Company's service introduction video (2Characters voice acting)
adidas:app voice-over
Bel Group:Commercial
Fujitsu : Company's new service introduction video
Sarstedt, Inc.:New product introduction
SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG:product introduction
TAISEI CORPORATION : Company's new service introduction video
Mitsui & Co. : B to B service video
Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. : Product introduction commercial
Fidelity : Service introdution video
Contents Guru : Service introdution video
SilkChain Corp. : Service introdution video
ISAGENIX : Company video
InstaVR : Company video
JIITAK:Company video
Sophia University:E-learning
Otsuka Holdings Co.,Ltd.:E-learning(Character voice over)
Metro:E-learning(Education contents)
JLPGA:Training video
SKⅡ:Training video
Bending Spoons:Meditation app reading
MyTona:Commercial and game charactor voice
Beetroot Lab:Game commercial
NetEase Games:Game commercial
OGS:Game introduction voice
BiBi Pet:Guide for early childhood education apps
The Gombos Company:Company's service introduction video (Character voice over)
JAMAS:Short film dubbing(Role:boy)
CUEBiC : Youtube commercial
TOKUBAI : SNS commercial video
HID Global:IVR / Voice mail
World Collection : Automated telephony systems  and more...!

・Basic training -- TOKYO Announcement Academy
・Advanced training & intensive technique workshops -- Zai office studio
・Private voice over coaching -- Taitoh Okuzaki
・Private voice over coaching -- Sanae Shinohara
・Completed Voiceover Japan Home Studio Recording Training 2019

・Delivery Methods:MP3 / WAV files via secure server upload (secure server download link in email)
・Available in 44.1 kHz/16 bit, as well as broadcast-quality 48 kHz/24 bit, etc.
・Microphone:audio-technica. AT2035 / apogee HypeMiC
・Computer & Software:Windows , Audacity , RX
・Equipment:Steinberg UR22
・Turnaround Time:Usually within 24 hours for shorter works. ( time differences depending)

・Ages:Child, Middle Aged, Senior, Teen, Young Adult
・Japanese native, beautiful Tokyo standard accent
・Friendly, sweet, softspoken, believable, caring, warm and comfortable.

・Editing(add BGM)

・Kei joined our team of freelance voiceover talent and swiftly added value with her professionalism and quality of work. We are happy to have her on board and are very much looking forward to the next projects together!
 - Nikol (Voice-over Coordinator)
・Was a pleasure working with you. I hope We will collaborate in the future. Many Thanks
 - Cosmic Sounds
・I'm happy with the audio and it's been a pleasure working with you.
 - HISOKA (Game director)
・Thank you for your hard work and your professions. I wish we will work together soon
 - Rachel (Video production director)
・Excellent communication, professional audio quality and the most importantly great results.
 - Beetroot Lab


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Kei A, Voiceover Talent for Radio & TV Commercials, E-learning, Product Videos,
Phone Greetings, Game character and more!

I usually reply within the same day, or within a day or two at the latest.
If you do not receive a reply, please contact me again.

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